Welcome Members!

Introducing Comprehensive Health, Life, and Retirement Solutions for National Windshield Repair Association Members.

Health, life, and retirement solutions that address the needs of every level of business owner and franchisee, from single-location sole proprietors to large multi-location owners.

Available to all NWRA members.

Solution Categories:

  1. Health Care
  2. Life Coverage
  3. Retirement Plans

Health Care Coverage Types:

  • Limited Benefits Health Plans (Individual, Groups, or 1099s)
  • Traditional Major Medical (Individual, Small to Large Groups)
  • H.S.A. (HDHP) Plans (Most Popular for Business Owner)
  • Catastrophic Coverage
  • Condition Specific Plans
  • Rx / Dental / Vision
  • Disability / STD / LTD
  • Short Term Major Medical
  • Travel Insurance
  • COBRA Alternative
  • Self-Funded Plans for Employee Groups
  • Guaranteed Issue Major Medical Plans (Individual or 1099s)

Life Coverage Types:

  • Traditional Whole Life
  • Term Life with Critical Illness
  • Business Partner Coverage
  • Key Employee Business Coverage

Retirement Plan Types:

  • Traditional Annuities
  • 401K Plans, including Sole Proprietor, Safe Harbor, and Traditional Plans

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